Our goal is to continuously keep your site Secure, Healthy & Updated.
Our list of services are designed to do just that.


The first line of defense against all attacks on your server. Our Firewall monitors, filters and blocks malicious threats before they infiltrate your server or website.

Daily Backups

Automatic daily backup functionality allows you to restore older versions of your site in the event of data loss or improper content. All backups are securely stored on our servers.

Free Virus Removal

If your site is ever hacked or compromised by a malicious attack, we will clean up your site, remove the virus and restore your site to a healthy status.

Website Acceleration

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) loads your website to visitors based on their Location. The closer your visitor is to our data center, the faster your site will load for them.

Scalable Traffic

Never worry about your site timing out or being down due to a high volume of traffic. Our scalable servers make sure your site is always online and available for your visitors.

Image Optimization

Compress new & existing images to save space on your server and increase page speed. We squeeze every last byte out of your images for the best lossless compression.

Unlimited Web Storage

The storage of information such as (images, audio files, pdfs, videos, database & mail). We store your small and large website files without reaching any limits.

Theme & plugin updates

Your website theme (layout) and plugins are constantly being updated. We instantly update all plugins to the latest version, which keeps your site running smooth and healthy.

Web Hosting

Specialized managed hosting to enhance wordpress websites. Our hosting platform is optimizated to make your WordPress site fast, scalable, stable, and secure.

Threat Detection

Threat Detection identifies when something has gone wrong. Our security scanners continuously checks your WordPress website for problems. We quickly respond to any security breaches.

Fast Cache

Custom built FastCache technology means your content can be delivered 4 to 6 times faster to your audience. FastCache makes your site rediculously fast.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website will be checked automatically every 5 minutes and if any problems are reported or if your website goes down our tech support will be notified immediately.

Database Clean up

Databases become full of unnecessary tables that, inevitably, make your site sluggish & bloated. We cleanup your database & reduce the file size to make your backup files load quicker.