Would You Rather Your Pet Be Seen At Home?

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Convenient Mobile Veterinary service

veterinary care at a reasonable cost

Does your pet grow increasingly frightful after a few visits to the veterinary clinic?

Such problems are largely eliminated with the use of a mobile vet since the vets comes to you. Your pet(s) can be checked/examined & treated with the least possible hassle & trauma in the comfort of their home. No pet loves an unknown environment!

Let AskTheVet  provide the best care for your pet(s) in their familiar space.

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Our Services

Quality veterinary services to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Exams / Consultations

Thorough comprehensive head-to-toe full body exams.


In clinic heartworm testing, and FeLV (Feline Leukemia) & FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) testing,


vaccinations based on your pets age, lifestyle, and environment.


Spays, Neuters, Dental Cleanings, Mass Removals & More!

Home Visits

Uniquely designed for clients who prefer quality veterinary care in the privacy & comfort of their homes.

Online Pharmacy

Quick and easy access to preventions, medications, and prescription diets.

Why should you choose us?

AskTheVet Mobile Veterinary Services is NOT just a vaccine clinic. AskTheVet offers comprehensive veterinary care that includes complete health check-ups and a range of veterinary care solutions at a reasonable cost.

Getting help for your pet is easy

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Schedule An Appointment

Tell us about your pet(s) need

Tell us about your pet(s) need

Your pet is treated and happy again

Mobile Vet is on the way to you.

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Ask The Vet’s main objective is to make it easier, more convenient and accessible for pet owners to receive quality veterinary services for their pets

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